A Balanced Perspective

You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22)

I'm not a regular viewer of the Tyra Banks Show, but I happened upon it last night as the hostess was introducing her guest and topic of conversation.  She was talking with a sixteen year old young man who had recently gone to a Christian ministry run by a woman and her husband, who call themselves prophet and overseer, respectively.

He said that he had gone to them because he was desperate to get help with his homosexuality.  They told him that he had a demon of homosexuality, and during a two-hour exorcism, part of which was shown on TV, they claimed to have cast out the evil spirit.  The couple exhibited more passion than they did knowledge of the scriptures, but they represented themselves fairly well.  Unfortunately they stated categorically that all who participate in homosexuality will go to hell.  

After talking with the boy and the couple, Tyra then introduced a woman who had worked with the young man previously in an organization called "True Colors", trying to get him to just accept himself as a homosexual.  It was clear that Tyra was convinced that it would be best for the young man, and many others like him, to tell him to continue in his homosexuality, rather than trying to turn from it.  The following is a response I wrote on her website, which I thought others might profit from—

Tyra— I congratulate you for presenting both sides of a very sensitive issue.  I thought you were respectful of the people who didn't share your perspective on the issue of homosexuality.  I only wish you would've gotten someone to represent God's viewpoint that was not quite as far out on the fringe.  If you have the interest to cover this subject again, and if you have the courage, I recommend you get Ken Hutcherson, a well-spoken, well-known, entertaining black pastor and former NFL football player from Seattle, to give the opposing side.

Having been a pastor myself for 30 years, and a life-long student of the scriptures, I encourage you and your viewers to search for the truth on this issue.  Your guest from True Colors said she believed with all her heart that God made her homosexual.  Believing in something doesn't make it true.  If she believed she was an anaconda, no matter how sincere was her faith, it wouldn't make her a snake.  If I believe that the law of gravity doesn't exist, that doesn't change its impact upon my body when I jump out of a three story window.  Everybody seems to want to tell us what they believe; what we need is the truth!

You looked into the camera and told the young man that he was a good person and that you believed he was going to heaven.  You might as well have told him he was going to Fantasyland.  If there is a heaven and if some will go there, it will not be because Tyra Banks believed they were going there; it will be because they fulfilled God's requirements for entrance.  And by the way, the Bible doesn't teach that it is performance or non-performance that is the criterion for entrance; it is nothing more or less than reception of God's free and gracious gift of forgiveness and eternal life through faith (humble dependence) in Jesus, who is both God and Savior.

It is irrefutable: the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin.  Do some people struggle more than others with this sin?  Of course.  Some people struggle more with overeating, or with worry, or with anger, or with laziness.  Jesus said that the more you participate in any sin, the more you become enslaved to it.  Is homosexuality the unforgivable sin?  Of course not!  Will it take away your freedom?  Yes it will, just like gluttony will.  Does God approve of it?  No.  Is God grieved by it?  Yes.  I'm not making this stuff up.  It's all in the Bible; written in clear language.

By the way, God doesn't call things sin so he can remove the fun from your life.  No, he does it because he wants to increase the freedom and joy in your life.  He's not looking to make you religious; he just wants you to make the most of this life and prepare best for eternity.  Remember truth is truth and reality is reality, whether or not you believe it or experience it.  So don't laugh at the truth, belittle it, mock it, ignore it, or suppress it.  Embrace it and submit to it.  Freedom, joy, and intimate fellowship with God await you.

If you choose to respond on a website by giving a biblical response to a social issue such as this, please do it with grace.  You and I don't have all the answers.  And please refrain from telling people what you believe or what you feel.  Tell them, "The Bible says…."  And please, proofread your copy before you click "Submit".

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